Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Milla!

M I L L A ~

if I may, let me ramble on for a second or two about why the age TWOZERO is so great! I was just thinking about it, we should really appreciate this age because after it we will never ever be able to count our age using our FINGERS AND TOES! We no-longer have to attach a ‘teen’ to the number that defines how long we have been BLINKING. However, we are still right in the middle between 10 and 30, so I am of the opinion that it is still acceptable to RUN AROUND TOWN dressed as whatever we deem necessary, for whatever holiday (existent or not!) STILETTOS are still an essential part of our wardrobe. We’re not OVER THE HILL YET so we can still get a little cardio in here and there ONLY IF we blast the song Paper Planes and sing the lyrics wrong (even if they sound better our way!) What is the difference of making a FORT in our apartment when we’re 19 or when we’re 20?! The number twenty just sounds sophisticated if you accentuate the second T…I will stop here but if you don’t get the picture yet I’d be happy to expound!

The point is I want to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my best friends, Camilla! Love you girl and thanks for all of the fun memories!!